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175th jubilee of the great composer Petr Ilyich Chaikovskiy

The celebrations dedicated to the 175th jubilee of Petr Ilyich Chikovsky began in Izhevsk. The State Opera and Ballet Theater was renovated and opened on the March, 30th. The 58th music festival “At the birthplace of P.I. Chaikovskiy” started on the April, 3rd.

Foundation for the Support and Development of Children and Youth Creativity "Children of Russia" and the city Administration held the National competition-festival “Zarni Pilem” (“Golden Sky”) on April, 1st - 4th.

The IV open city competition “Chaikovskiy on the Palette of the Young” held by Children Art School №12 ended on April, 6th.

The P.I. Chaikovskiy Municipal Chamber Choir will give two concerts on 17th and 24th April performing the “Colorful Dreams” programme on the first day and cantata “Moscow” together with the Academic Choir of Udmurtia and Symphony Orchestra of the Udmurt Republic.

On the day of the composer’s birthday (May, 7th) students and teachers from Children Art Schools and The P.I. Chaikovskiy Municipal Chamber Choir will give a concert in the railway station building as a part of the “Railway” musical project. The music written by P.I. Chaikovskiy will be put on the public address system of Izhevsk as a part of the “Chaikovskiy Live” project and in the public transport as a part of the “The Sounds of Chaikovskiy” project.

The international project “Izhevsk-Geneva-Chaikovskiy Forever” organized by the foundation “Cultural Capital of Izhevsk” and the Department for Culture and Tourism of the City Administration will also start in May.

More events dedicated to the composer’s work will be held throughout the year including children painting shows, concerts by students and teachers from Children Art Schools, art competitions, theatrical plays, concerts and academic competitions for pupils in schools and performances by musical collectives on the open spaces of Izhevsk.

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